Hi there, I’m Cai 👋

Hi there,
I’m Cai 👋

I’m a product designer currently heading up design at OpenPhone. I’ve spent the past 15 years at agencies, startups, and freelancing — across London, Brisbane, and Sydney — crafting engaging digital product experiences through beautifully simple interfaces.
I design things in Figma. I build websites with Webflow, and test them in Sizzy. I track projects in Linear. I connect data with Zapier. I prototype with Framer. I map and plan in FlowMapp. I organise with Notion. I communicate with Slack, Around, and Loom. I also learn to code with Mimo.

Sometimes I build my own products, such as Dark Mode Design and Glyphy. I also used to run a small design studio called Overlay.
Occasionally my work gets featured in places such as Awwwards, Land-Book, CSS Design Awards, Mindsparkle Mag, SiteInspire, The Gallery, One Page Love, Lapa Ninja, and Product Hunt.
You can check out some of my projects on Dribbble, get infrequent updates on , or connect with me on LinkedIn. Or if you like, you can send me an email.